Precious Metals Transformed Responsibly

Wayna International is a leading mining company in the legal extraction and commercialization of precious metals. We are a responsible company committed to sustainability, and we strive to make a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

About Wayna International

Wayna International is a mining company whose headquarters are located in Miami, FL, headed by a team of individuals committed to preserving the environment, upholding the law, adhering to the standards set forth in each area of operation, and with significant expertise and understanding in the mining industry.

Our guiding principles are morals and transparency. By creating jobs and funding charitable endeavors in the areas where we operate, we try to assist both social and economic growth.

We offer high-purity precious metals for sale that have been responsibly collected from mines in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. This ensures the reliability of our supply chain and the excellence of our goods. The strictest environmental and social laws apply to all of our operations and we continue investing our best to be the most responsible mining company in America Latina.

Our mission is to be a leading mining company in the legal extraction of gold in Latin America, committed to the international commercialization of precious materials. We strive to operate ethically and sustainably, respecting natural resources and caring for the environment. We seek to generate well-being for our employees and the community by offering tangible benefits and promoting a favorable environment for economic and social development.
Our vision is to be recognized in the mining industry as a leading company in the extraction of gold and the commercialization of precious metals internationally, standing out for our integrity and transparency in all processes. We seek to establish solid relationships with refineries and merchants, offering high-quality products and generating development and positive impact in the communities. We aspire to be a successful company model committed to sustainable development and people’s well-being.

What We Do

Our Products


  • Presentation: Fused bars (ingots)
  • Weight: The weight of each bar ranges from 500 grams to 5000 grams.
  • Purity and quality: The purity level of each bar ranges from 70% and 97%.


  • Presentation: Silver bars, associated or included within gold bars *(ingots).
  • Weight: The weight of each bar ranges from 500 grams to 5,000 grams.


  • Presentation: Raw powder
  • Purity and quality: Purity ranges from 82% and 92%

Our goals

Legal and Responsible Extraction

We are committed to complying with all current regulations and laws regarding gold extraction, ensuring that our operations are both legal and environmentally responsible.

Commercialization of Precious Metals
We seek to establish solid business relationships with refineries, offering high-quality and reliable products. We strive to maintain an impeccable reputation in the market.
Environmental Care
We implement gold extraction techniques that minimize environmental impact, such as the use of clean technologies and the restoration of affected areas. We are committed to protecting natural resources and preserving biodiversity.
Employee Well-being
We value our employees as the most important asset of the company. We strive to provide a safe work environment, fair conditions, and opportunities for professional growth and development.
Community Benefits
We contribute to the economic and social development of the communities where we operate by generating local employment, supporting community projects, and promoting education and the well-being of the people.
Social Responsibility
We are committed to acting ethically and transparently in all of our operations, promoting corporate social responsibility, and setting an example of good practices in the mining industry.
These are the key elements of the mission, vision, and objectives of our mining company. We strive to be an organization committed to sustainability, people’s well-being, and environmental protection. We offer high-quality products and aim to generate a positive impact on the community.

Why choose us

  • We offer expert guidance to our suppliers on accessing benefits from the international financial system. Personalized attention and prompt response to our client's queries and needs.
  • We guarantee the quality and authenticity of our products, which are sourced from mines located in Latin American, countries known for their high purity.
  • We have geographically diversified operations.
  • We ensure transparency in the supply chain by providing tracking and verification from the mine's origin to the final customer.
  • Sustainability and social responsibility are ensured through the responsible extraction of precious metals, which respects the environment and local communities.
  • We offer fair, transparent, and competitive prices in the precious metals market.
  • We foster a culture of continuous improvement by maximizing our potential and applying rigorous operational, technical, and exploratory discipline. This approach ensures the continuous continuity and growth of our company.
  • We prioritize health and well-being by identifying, assessing, evaluating, mitigating and managing risks, and adopting safe practices to promote an ideal workplace.